Soldadura MIG MAG en el automóvil Parte 2

Hola en este video vamos a continuar conociendo los ajustes básicos en un equipo de soldadura mig mag actualmente existen unos equipos denominados sinérgicos que además de permitirnos seleccionar los ajustes de forma manual nos ofrecen la posibilidad de introduciendo ciertos valores como pueden ser el espesor de la chapa el tipo de material del […]


Welding in carbon steels with standard solid wire in protected atmosphere. Welding in inner angle These wires are welding in opposite polarity to the rest of the MIG-MAG welding. In this case the polarity of the gun is negative and the mass is positive, and the slag is eliminated as if it were an electrode. […]

SOLID WIRE WELDING with Gala Mig 4007

Carbon steel welding with self-protected wire without the need for protection gas Valid for any other wire of this type. Ascending vertical welding. Descending vertical welding. Welding in stainless carbon steels. Welding in inner angle Welding in inner angle 5% magnesium aluminium welding Welding in inner angle Welding in flat inner angle with arc-spray for […]

Kemppi X8 – Change is here in industrial MIG/MAG welding

It’s time to redefine industrial MIG/MAG welding. For over two decades Kemppi has been leading the development of digital welding solutions. Now the time has come for us all to take the next logical step by unleashing the enormous potential of IoT, the power of connectivity. Today, with the new technology, we give you welding […]

TUBULAR WIRE WELDING with gas with Gala Mig 4007

protected atmosphere Welding in flat inner angle Welding in flat inner angle, using arc-spray for high penetration Welding in flat inner angle Welding in flat inner angle, energy arc for great penetration Stainless steel welding with tubular STAINLESS STEEL wire. Valid for any other stainless steel wires. Flat welding

Quickie #007 Cheap Welding Table – 22€

Now let’s put the pieces together oh… we’re gonna insert a piece of plywood from the top to give it some strength the plywood is a left-over piece from the DIY market and we’re gonna cut it to the right size now now thät comes on… yes, yes… we need to make some minor adjustments […]