Hello everyone today I’m going to talk about such a rare earth metal as Lutetium Lutetium is the last element in the lanthanide series of rare earth metals have become quite familiar with and that is why it has some unique properties. the elements belonging to this series are arranged in a specific order in […]

Indium – Metal, That You Can Bite!

Hello everyone! today I want to tell you about a very interesting metal – Indium It’s in the third group of the periodic table of chemical elements, below gallium Indium is unusual because it is the softest metal that you can actually hold in your hands Lithium is softer that indium, but because of its […]

Using Only Paper to Melt Metal

In today’s video, we’re going to see if we can make paper burn hot enough to liquefy metal. [Music] This is paper. Paper was invented in China in approximately the year 105 CE. It’s usual for a lot of things. We use it for writing, printing, drawing, folding, and occasionally, although it’s not a very […]

DIY Micro Metal Foundry

In today’s video, we’re taking a classic build, the mini metal foundry, and we’re scaling it way down to a desktop version, the micro metal foundry. [Music] Guys, in the past, you’ve seen both Grant and Nate build different types of foundries. But today, Nate has found a way to make that even smaller, the […]

I Made LIQUID METAL for the Processor!

Hello everyone! In this video, I’m going to show you How I made liquid metal for computer Central Processing Units And how I tested it’s thermal conductivity In case you didn’t know Modern computers transfer heat from CPU to radiator through a layer of thermal interface material Most frequently thermal grease is used as such […]

The Four Types of Steel (Part 5: Tool Steel) | Metal Supermarkets

Hi and welcome to Metal Supermarkets the convenience stores for metal. I’m Jason Jackson, Operations and Development Manager. In our past four video blogs we’ve been looking at the main types of Steel using our acronym C.A.S.T. which stands for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and tool steel. In the final part of this […]

What Do Pipe Schedules Mean? | Metal Supermarkets

Hi and welcome to Metal Supermarkets the convenience stores for metal. I’m Jason Jackson, Operations and Development Manager. Measuring metal is typically pretty simple For bar stock, generally all you need is a tape measure. But when it comes to measuring pipe things get a little trickier. In this video blog will look at what […]

How To Earn An Associate of Occupational Studies – Attend Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa Welding School’s Associate of Occupational Studies and welding technology can give you an Occupational associates degree that combines professional welding and welding inspection training in just 15 months we can teach you everything you need to know from welding to radiographic film interpretation to fabrication processes to ultrasonic testing the list goes on and […]

CTE Welding

Our welding program offers student a full experience. They spend most of their time learning welding using hands on techniques. And they’re also given the opportunity to participate in internships designed to connect the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom with the real world requirements of the business Opportunities for young people going into […]