Melting Aluminum Into Ingots

in this video I’m gonna show how I melted down these larger aluminum ingots into these smaller muffin sized ones I had to do this because as you can see they don’t quite fit in my crucible and the smaller ones are just much easier to handle and they melt faster as well to do […]

Introducing My Metal Business Card | Metal and Steel Business Cards

Hey everybody! My name is Craig and I’d like to welcome you to We set out to produce metal business cards for people who expect the extraordinary. Now, not all metal business cards are created equal. Things like thickness, metal finish, and number of different processes really make the card quality stand out. We […]

Blood Of The Wolf on The Metal Experience Radio show Part 1

anyways I’m Luco Blaze Morgan Danielle we are here with us for the first time our Halloween episode yeah Blood of the Wolf so why don’t you guys go ahead and introduce yourselves a couple of you guys have been on before but with the new most with this new wish fan introduce yourselves what […]

Field’s Metal vs Aluminium

[“Cartoon Space Utopia” intro music] All right everyone welcome back to Cody’sLab. So, I have here a chunk of aluminum. See, angle ‘luminum It’s about three nano light seconds long But of course, I’m only gonna be using a small piece of it because today I want to actually destroy it using a liquid metal. […]


High If this is to end in fire then we should all burn together Watch the flames climb high into the night Calling out father, oh stand by and we will Watch the flames burn auburn on the mountainside High And if we should die tonight then we should all die together Raise a glass […]