DIY Fidget Spinner MELTS IN YOUR HAND!!!!!!!! Rare Liquid Mirror DIY Fidget Spinners Toys & Tricks

(undulating music) – You challenged us to make fidget spinners out of liquid metal, and so to do this I’ve got my friend Grant from The King of Random over here and he brought a ton of gallium with him. – This is about $400 worth of gallium. – What!? – [Grant] It’s really special […]


HTML jest za trudny, jedynie szatan może mi pomóc Czy ktoś powiedział szatan? Wstałem z głębi piekła By nauczyć nędzników sztuki HTML Jest to podpora każdej strony Której kochasz! Yeah, nawet Pornhub Pieprzona chora kurwo Szatan sprawdzi twoja historie przeglądania Kilka Head, Body i trochę stopek To określa strukturę którymi będziesz kodził Powinieneś zawsze zaczynać […]

True Norwegian Black Metal | VICE

[CHANTING AND APPLAUSE] [HEAVY METAL MUSIC] IVAR BERGLIN: Gorgoroth may not be the most celebrated band to rise out of the infamous Norwegian black metal scene, but they are by far the most feared and controversial. With their abrasive sound, chaotic live shows, and well-publicized criminal convictions, Gorgoroth have spread their message of fear and […]

Metal Shaping with Lazze: Rolling a Bead with a Wire Edge

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m teaching people in metal shaping. And I’m here back again now on YouTube with tips and tricks. And on this little video I going to show you how to make this wire edge where we put the wire in and the bead. And this was a question that I had […]

DAVINCI MIQRO Accessories – Metal Pick

The DAVINCI MIQRO Metal Pick is a handy tool with multiple functions. Useful for stirring your loose leaf material. As well as removing your ceramic vapor path. It is easily stored on the top of your MIQRO for easy access to the metal pick tool. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL TO SEE MORE MIQRO ACCESSORIES

Black Metal Satanica 2008 Full Doc. English with Spanish subs.

Kenda Naevia is one of the richest parts of the world with almost no unemployment a low crime rate and everything is clean and nice and everybody is happy in their pretty little houses but underneath this perfect surface lies a monster a beast sometimes the Beast wakes up and shows its face to the […]


WELCOME TO THE LIT-ER-A-TURE CLUB 🎵Sayori is the spark that brightens your day🎵 🎵Has she stolen your heart?🎵 🎵(Your heart)🎵 🎵(YOUR HEART)🎵 (Hey, let’s walk to school together!) 🎵Natsuki is rough on the outside🎵 🎵but she’s just playin’ the part!🎵 (Hey, don’t call me cute, take that back!) 🎵Yuri was always the one that loved […]

Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing

– Choosing what type of roof you put on your home or building is an important decision because you want to protect what matters most to you for years to come. Today, we talk about shingle roofing and metal roofing and discuss the differences in terms of cost, longevity, options and more. (rock music) What’s […]

The Most Metal Planet Fragment Ever

[ ♪ Intro ] When stars like the Sun reach the end of their lives, they balloon into red giants and swallow up any planets in their way. In our solar system, that will be the end of Mercury, Venus, and Earth. They then shrink to a dying remnant called a white dwarf, which is […]

spinning cone metal spinning stainless steel 1mm