Table Saw ‘Table’ Build – Jimbos Garage

yeah yeah yeah Jimbo’s garage good afternoon everyone and welcome back to jimbos garage well over the last few months I’ve been a few woodworking projects that involves my dewalt portable table saw and if my regular viewers note that when i use that saw i just set it up here on my welding table […]

AskForney® – Stick Out

“Stick Out” is a term used in MIG welding. The farther you hold the gun away from the work piece, the farther the wire sticks out. The amount of stick out affects the arc. The more stick out, the greater the chance of contaminating the weld due to shielding gas mixing with air.

Fixing My Mill – JIMBOS GARAGE

Welcome back to Jimbo’s Garage welcome back to jimbos garage well the time had finally come think I want to drag this old mill out and get it operational now this was my bottom loss meal when he moved it was about five years ago we just toss it in the corner over here and […]