The Complete Metal Gear Solid Timeline (Pt. 1) – Rise of Big Boss ft. David Hayter | The Leaderboard

It’s me… Snake Are you sure you’re prepared to tell the whole story of Metal Gear? Metal Gear?! Yeah… Metal Gear. I just hope the Leaderboard is ready…

Metal Gear Solid 5 – Sins of the Father (Piano Suite)

Birds in the sky carry these words for me. Life tasted sweet It let me live; let me breathe. Love hurts so bad But still, it saved my soul. Flowers of a brighter past They bloomed so free Beneath the sun. Memories, I want to give them to you So you can see what we […]

Metal Gear Online

“This is Metal Gear Online, the tactical multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.” “Choosing the Infiltrator class in MGO allows you to move fast, quietly, and use a powerful cloaking device to hide from enemies.” “Stealth is a vital part of Metal Gear Online for all players.” [Muffled] Now the real […]

Metal Gear Solid 5 Red Band Trailer (E3 2013 )

We pull in money, recruits Just to combat cipher Rubbing our noses in bloody battlefield of dirt All for revenge Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night I can feel my leg and my arm even my fingers The body i’ve lost The comrades i’ve lost Won’t stop hurting It’s like they’re […]

Game Theory: Metal Gear Solid’s HIDDEN Virtual Mission!

Hello internet, welcome to (Game) Theory, the show whose episodes are almost as long as that Metal Gear Solid 3 ladder climb Okay, we’ll check back in with Snake a little later. Good luck there, buddy. Now, it’s been a while since I last mentioned it on the channel But it bears repeating Metal Gear […]

A History of Cancelled Metal Gear Solid Games and Concepts

the nature of video game development is such that games are often developed by large teams with a collaborative approach to creativity while certain individuals within a team might possess more experience or sway than others development studios are often trêpa driven as being directed by a singular artist that controls all creative aspects of […]

Metal Gear Solid 5 – Quiet Helicopter Poses – 100% Maximum Bond Level

[Music] as you probably know the higher your bond level is with quiet the more comfortable she becomes with you in the chopper resulting in different animations if you’d like to see all of these in your game raise your bond level with her – over 90 percent without further ado here’s quite [Music] [Music] […]

Metal Gear: How Kojima vs. Konami Shaped the Games – Wisecrack Edition

Hey Wisecrack, Jared here. Today, we’re diving deep in to the world of Metal Gear Solid. Now, because doing a full-scale “Philosophy of” would be an ARSENAL GEAR-scale undertaking, we decided to focus on something else today – the enigmatic nature of it’s creator, Hideo Kojima. Not only will we be talking about the underlying […]

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Sins of The Father [FULL]

Blind in the deepest night Reaching out, grasping for a fleeting memory All the thoughts, keep piercing this broken mind I fall, but I’m still standing motionless [PIANO] Far in the distance There is light, a light that burns these scars of old All this pain, reminds me of what I am I’ll live, I’ll […]