Earl’s Cleco Fasteners and How They Work

Ever wish that you had an extra set of hands? Well, Earl’s Cleco fasteners might just be your new best friend. Cleco’s are re-usable fasteners that can be used to securely hold your materials together before permanently mounting them. Use them to temporarily fasten sheet metal, plexiglass, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Lexan as well as […]

Loading Dock Equipment–Custom Fabricated for Your Needs

J.H. Industries has been a trusted and reliable source of steel fabrications for over 50 years. We proudly are an American grown company that has the skill set and equipment to meet your needs. Our 70,000 square-foot facility has the ability to cut, burn, weld, and machine large fabrications. Our engineers are fluent with CAD […]

Best Bel Air Metal Fabricator | 443-767-4067

Best Bel Air Metal Fabricator | 443-767-4067 http://www.belairstairsrailings.com/ Bel Air Stairs & Railings does residential, commercial and industrial metal fabrication and welding. We have been a metal fabricator for over 30 years, first in Baltimore and now in Bel Air. We still serve the Baltimore area but we can keep our metal fabrication and welding […]

Guide to Metal Melting Points (ºF)

Depending on your project, melting point can play a key role in the material you choose. Anything from forging high-temperature applications can drastically change your decision. Online Metals is here to provide a quick walkthrough of the wonders of melting points. Each alloy and material have a range of temperatures with lower end of the […]

How To Make Curved Flanges On Sheet Metal Panels | Tipping Die

what is up fabrication nation welcome back for the third day in a row for thinner of how many everybody days anyway got some total education for you today no major fabrication if you were along for the ride yesterday work on the battery box yesterday we built this battery box for the goose of […]

A Beautiful Fall Week at the Boatyard

welcome to Tulsa Oklahoma I’m Doug that’s seeker it’s cold out here and rainy too in this video it’s a hodgepodge I think it’s kind of one of those videos a what do you what’s like to have a week at seeker okay this is a good one of those okay when I’ve been here […]

Metal Shaping: Jaguar E-Type Aluminum Bonnet Build (Part 9B)

Hi, it’s Wray Schelin for pro shaper in Charlton Mass and tonight we’re working on 9b of the all-aluminum e type nose And this is where we left it off and it’s pretty obvious to me that this is never gonna fit How could this possibly? Become that it’s impossible. But let’s give it a […]

Metal Fab Tips and Tricks at Eastwood. Tools to shape metal.

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company we’re here in the east with garage doing another live-text session for you guys on Facebook and YouTube you haven’t watched one of these before we want it to be as interactive as possible when you guys to log log in share chat asked questions and we’re gonna do […]

Finishing a Stainless Steel Handrail

So here we have a typical stainless steel fabrication that we see in the marketplace This is a balustrade or handrail Obviously before this goes out into shopping centres etc. It needs to be a high finish You can see on this tube itself, From the factory; handling marks, we have scrapes, we have scratches […]