Metal Detecting | Digging In The Dirt

Hey, we got snow on the ground here in Colorado and our season is definitely shutting down I was able to get out yesterday for A little bit. I’ve had the simplex out twice now Look forward to some videos coming out on that very soon. Ain’t know a lot of people ask me DK […]

I Went Metal Detecting & You Won’t Believe What I Found… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

(dramatic music) (edm/club music) (female speaking) – They don’t call me DJ Tom Tom for nothing. – See? (laughs) – So I’ve always wanted to go treasure hunting. What kid has never wanted to go on a treasure hunt? Today, we’re going to go on the ultimate treasure hunt. I bought this, I shipped it […]

Mystery Boxes found on the bottom of a WW2 Lake

(splashing water) Oh, the wooden handle is still there. Let’s see if you can get it to the side. (suspenseful rhythmic music) Looks like it’s opened. It’s a brand new day. We decided to return to the lake that previously resulted in finding some interesting pieces of WWII history. And we’re really curious if there […]

WW2 Metal detecting – German glass mines everywhere!


Today I’m on pasture (old) the grass is very high in the back there is Stan I’m his guest today I’m with the Nokta Makro Simplex program: Field gain almost full power one stripe off the only thing I did was a ground balance and that’s it its an iron signal but lets see what […]

Metal Detecting Videos | What Was Found This Week

Hi, I’m DK with adventures in dirt Welcome to another episode of the weekly dirt pay the weekly dirts a weekly series I put on every Sunday where I bring you the best of what the metal detecting world has to offer I’m gonna show you some cool finds. I’m going to introduce you some […]

I Went Metal Detecting & Found Old Rusty Abandoned Safe… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

(tense music) (beeping sounds) I moved out. I have finally moved out! As you can see, new room, new house, NEW ME! Alright, not new me. I’m exactly the same. (laughs) Boo got new house! And u-upon moving into this new house, I found out a lot of history about this town that I moved […]


One Guilder A Turtle pendant with a nice stone a key 0,50 euro cent sunglasses one euro 0,20 euro cents dont think its gold no no gold but its a nice one earring can’t see if it is silver no silver another sunglasses a key a bracelett its silver 925 and heavy YEAHHHH GOLD!! YEAHH! […]

Nokta Makro Kruzer Metal Detector Commercial

GET READY FOR A WHOLE NEW METAL DETECTING EXPERIENCE Ultra Fast Recovery Speed Excellent Discrimination and Unmasking Ability Multi Frequency Wireless freedom with no latency High Performance and Unmatched Depth BRINGS HUNTED OUT SITES BACK TO LIFE! CRUISE THROUGH TREASURES ON LAND OR UNDERWATER Advanced beach mode offers very stable operation Waterproof up to 5 […]

I Went Metal Detecting & Found $10,000 in Abandoned Safe… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

Yo guys it’s morgz and welcome back to another banger ! Mom, yeah, is that a steak? Hello guys and welcome back to the most awesome channel eva Adventure and today is literally gonna be an adventure my entire life I’ve always wanted to go on a treasure hunt. It sounds like so much fun […]