Hello everyone, today i would like to tell about such a refractory metal as rhenium. Without it, there wouldn’t be (wouldn’t exist) high octane petrol and modern internal combustion engines. In the periodic table of chemical elements, rhenium belongs to group 7 and is located on the bottom next tungsten. Rhenium is one of the […]

Lithium – The Lightest Metal on Earth

So day I will tell about the lightest metal on earth Lithium Lithium in the first group in the periodic table of chemical elements except for the smallest atomic mass, Lithium has the lowest density of all metals winch is two times lower than that of water In appearance Lithium presents as a shiny metal […]

I Made LIQUID METAL for the Processor!

Hello everyone! In this video, I’m going to show you How I made liquid metal for computer Central Processing Units And how I tested it’s thermal conductivity In case you didn’t know Modern computers transfer heat from CPU to radiator through a layer of thermal interface material Most frequently thermal grease is used as such […]


hello everyone, today I’d like to tell you about such an unusual metal as Gadolinium. Gadolinium belongs to the lanthanide series in the periodic table before Europium Gadolinium looks like an ordinary metal of gray color and it has distinctive crystal structure because of its purity this metal is extracted from monazite a mineral containing […]

Molybdenum – A Metal That Forms Weird Solutions!

Hello everyone. Today I would like to dedicate this video to such a refractory metal as molybdenum. In the period table of chemical elements molybdenum belongs to the 6th group and is located above tungsten. Because of having a smaller atomic radius molybdenum is a bit more reactive than tungsten and has a lower electrochemical […]