How to Replace Upper Control Arm and Ball Joint 02-05 Mercury Mountianeer Melting gold into a button using a torch and borax

Today we got some gold here, that we crushed up from some hard rock ore, ran through our milling process that you can see on our website: And there’s just shy a half an ounce here, you can see it there in the scale. There’s about 50 grains there. And in the stainless steel […]

Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode19: Gold From Mercury

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab So this here’s my mercury distillation apparatus that I built in a previous video link in the description I just got through using this to distill several hundred pounds of mercury and it worked flawlessly right up to the point where the tube somewhere got plugged. Uh… I […]

Metal Meltdown | Brainiac75

Welcome! In this video I will show you some low-melting metals and alloys. Usually we think of metals being very sturdy, solid and difficult to melt without excessive heat. That is true for many metals like this stick of molybdenum that will first melt at over 4,700°F. But my butane blowtorch maxes out at around […]

Making Mercury Metal

Mercury is an interesting metal and element, but it rarely occurs naturally. The most commonly found form in nature is mercury sulfide, which is also known as cinnabar. Depending on how it crystallizes, mercury sulfide can exist in two major forms. So here we have the alpha form which is the most common one. It […]

Mercury – an alien metal from area 51

Mercury escaped Oh my god, thermometer is broken. Mercury has escaped. It is the only liquid metal. Has higher density than iron. Goes through smallest holes, even headphones. Surface tension brings small droplets together. Eats aluminum. Eats all your gold. Mercury has eaten all gold. Beat him. This reaction is called mercury beating heart. But […]

All about Mercury, the Liquid Metal | Element Series

Mercury is special because it’s the only metallic element that’s a liquid at standard temperature and pressure. Its elemental symbol is Hg, because it’s based on its older and much harder to pronounce name. It used to be called “Hydrargyrum”, which is the combination of the two greek words “hydror” and “argyros”, which mean water […]

You can’t smell metal

As a kid I used to play guitar and I can remember the distinct smell that the strings had and that they would transfer it to my fingers. It was the same smell that I got when I handled coins and I can remember smelling it on other metallic things like nails, chains on park […]

Chemistry: What is a metal? (Metallic Bonds)

Metals are shiny, malleable, ductile, and good conductors of heat and electricity. The structure of metals and the nature of metallic bonds explains some of these typical features. Metals are made up of positive ions closely packed together in crystalline solids. The positive ions are surrounded by a mobile “sea of electrons.” These valence electrons […]