10 Rock Metal Songs in 3 Minutes by Alberto Grau [Year 2×04]

História das Antigas #11 Axé rouba Metal (subtitled)

Welcome to “História das Antigas”. This video series that I bring some stories that i lived in the past. And it’s really what i can remember. I don’t google anything if you want you can search for it, if it’s true help me here with the facts but i just use my memory and I […]


fuck, why am I doing thi..

Top 10 Heavy Metal Guitar Solos

REBECCA: These guys certainly make playing metal on the axe look easy. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Heavy Metal Guitar Solos. For this list, we’ve limited it to one song per artist. Keep in mind that we’re only focusing on heavy metal, so, no hard rock […]

This Trained Singer Teaches Metal Bands How To Scream (HBO)

— I got into working with metal bands because a friend of mine was recording… not punk, it was called “hardcore,” and it was metal. He couldn’t get them through a recording session without them coughing blood. — Let’s fucking do this shit! — When the band first started and when I first started singing, […]

Songs After Bad Translations METAL EDITION!

hey I’m Stevie T I’ve got some more lyrics after bad translation for you guys but this time it’s for you metalheads I got some old-school metal in here and some new school and come on guys no fighting about which one is better save that argument for the youtube comment section so the method […]

Gym Workout Song – “Heavy Metal Atmosphere” by Buff Dudes

Supination Pronation Words to know if you live a gym vocation Palms ascend (they ascend) Palms dump (they dump) Pretty helpful if you need a bicep pump Our knowledge (our knowledge) Your brain (your brain) Don’t overdo it or you’ll FEEL THE PAIN Food and rest (the rest) Lead to growth (the growth) Keys as […]