Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Anatomy and Disc Displacement Animation

The temporomandibular joint — the TMJ – is the joint between the lower jawbone – – the mandible – and the temporal bone of the skull. The TMJ is responsible for jaw movement and is the most used joint in the body. The TMJ is essentially the articulation between the condyle of the mandible and […]

Cartilage replacement in damaged knee joints

The University Medical Center Manheim leads the field in cartilage replacement treatment for damaged knee joints. It is in no way a cure or remedy for everyone who suffers from knee pain, but it offers a marked improvement above all for young people if premature total knee replacement can be avoided. Cartilage replacement treatment is […]

Ankle Joint – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

This tutorial is on the ankle joint. The ankle joint is this joint here between the talus, the tibia and the fibula. It’s a synovial hinge joint and the main movements that you get at this joint are dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. So one way of remembering which way is plantar flexion and dorsiflexion is […]

Hip Joint – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

This is a tutorial on the hip joint. The hip joint is this joint here between the head of the femur and the acetabulum of the pelvis. This joint is a ball-and-socket synovial joint and it’s a very stable joint unlike the shoulder joint, which is very mobile, but not so stable. This is the […]

Father Dubbed Melted Man Refuses Medical Treatment

00:02 COMM: His shocking appearance has seen him labelled as the melted man. 50-year-old Mannan Modal was born without an eye, ear and most of his teeth, and is covered in continually growing tumours. 00:15 COMM: He has been shunned most of his life, but is still turning down medical help so he can continue […]

Merge Folding CureCoin & Foldingcoin: Make a Difference Earning Bitcoin Alternatives

Oh yes, the dreams of a digital currency lifestyle. Free flowing Champagne. Private jet airplanes. Exotic Sports Cars. Luxury vacations. Beautiful people without a care. But wait! Is this all just a dream ?! The global costs of treating cancer are $286 Billion per year (source: cancer progress) The global antimicrobial resistance is growing exponentially. […]

ANCA – CNC Grinding Machines, Motion Controls, and Sheet Metal Solutions

ANCA is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality innovative products and solutions. Operating for over 40 years, our products make tools and other components that contribute to almost everything you use in your daily life. ANCA, is a global business with three main business groups ANCA CNC Machines, ANCA Motion, and ANCA Sheet […]

Guideline to a Successful 10-20 Polysomnogram Hookup

Hello everyone, my name is Brendan Hardie. Today, I will be offering a general guideline towards completing a successful 10/20 hookup for standard polysomnography. As a general overview, we will first be discussing what exactly the International 10/20 System for polysomnography is, where it is derived from, and how to perform the patient hookup process. […]

Spine Stimulator Implant Patient

This is Dr. Jonathan Kohan I’d like to introduce Mr. Donald Hockett who underwent spinal cord stimulation implantation last year he presented to me after failing surgery for his back pain but since he underwent implant last year he’s had significant improvement of his back pain I’d like to let him talk about his experience […]

BMP Metals | Custom Precision Metal Fabrication

BMP metals incorporated, a family-owned and operated custom precision sheet metal fabricator that has continued to deliver on a commitment of quality since 1984. With vast in-house capabilities built on meeting even the most specific requirements, our company is equipped to produce almost anything and everything made out of metal. Whether you require engineering and […]