BREAKING: Russia’s New Stealth Drone Performs 1st Joint Flight With Su-57 Fifth-Generation Plane

Russia’s latest Okhotnik (Hunter) drone has performed its first flight with the most advanced Su-57 fighter jet. The Defense Ministry publishes this footage today. The drone and the Su-57 fighter practiced interaction to broaden the fighter’s radar coverage and to provide target acquisition for employing air-launched rockets. The joint flight of the latest drone and […]

AT&T And Time Warner Merger Approved By Corporate Loving Judge

A judge has approved the merger of media giants, AT&T and Time Warner, as a merger that’s going to create even less competition and fewer media options for consumers. I look at this, I look at this and, Firstly, I want to know who is this judge, right? That’s where this all that analysis begins. […]

[House] – Culture Code – Electricity (feat. Michael Zhonga) [NCS Release]

Sorry I kept you waiting Forever and a day But now we’re out here together With nothing standing in our way Can you feel the attraction Feel the attraction Can you feel it between us This energy’s inside us like Electricity Feel the love running through like Electricity Feel the love running through like Electricity […]

True Norwegian Black Metal | VICE

[CHANTING AND APPLAUSE] [HEAVY METAL MUSIC] IVAR BERGLIN: Gorgoroth may not be the most celebrated band to rise out of the infamous Norwegian black metal scene, but they are by far the most feared and controversial. With their abrasive sound, chaotic live shows, and well-publicized criminal convictions, Gorgoroth have spread their message of fear and […]

Program Spotlight Welding Engineering Technology

I love it here and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of course work is very fun teachers make it fun. So many products and so many things that are in our everyday lives have to be saved. Welding Engineering Technology is the development and the design of welding procedures and processes to put together assemblies […]

Blast Cabinet Buyer’s Guide From Eastwood – Remove Rust, Paint & Corrosion at Home!

hey everybody Randy here in the East garage and today we’re going to go over all your blast cabinet options and help you find the one that’s right for your job the best way and sometimes the only way to remove all the rust from apart is with a blast cabinet they’re always parts like […]