Carbon nanotube film produces airplane with no need for huge ovens or autoclaves

A modern airplane’s fuselage is made from multiple sheets of different composite materials, like so many layers in a phyllo-dough pastry. Once these layers are stacked and molded into the shape of a fuselage, the structures are wheeled into warehouse-sized ovens and autoclaves, where the layers fuse together to form a resilient, aerodynamic shell. Now […]

Explore and Combine stages in CES EduPack

In this video tutorial, we will look at how to make the most out of the Chart/ Select function, and our selection projects. Let’s use the level 1 database, and look at a saved selection project. To open our project, we click on File and then Open. We can take a look at a selection […]

How to Merge Scenes: Lumion 9 – 3D Render Tutorial

Welcome to Lumion 9, Tutorial 12, about working with multiple parties on one project and merging their scenes into one. In many projects, there is more than just one person involved in the design. For example, one architect focuses on the house and a landscape designer works on the garden. In the end, the result […]

Understanding 3ds Max Units – Part 02 – Merging Files

Now that we covered the major differences between Display and System Units, we’ll take a look at merging files designed in a different scale than that of your current project. Open the file Garage.max and take a look at it. This is the same file you used in the last movie, minus the animated camera. […]

Vray Metal material tutorial in 3ds Max

Basic materials such as chrome, copper and brushed steel are easy to create in V-ray. Let’s start by creating standard VrayMtl, for our chrome. Assign the material to an object. In the reflection section set the color from black to pure white. The refl.gossiness controls the blurriness of the reflections For regular chrome material with […]

How to assemble the reactor chamber and change electrodes

Welcome to the G1 reactor head assembly tutorial. This is Bibianne, she is going to show you how to assemble the reactor head of the G1 nanoparticle generator. Assemble the reactor in a few mode, place left end cap on mounting tool. Place left KF clamp, place electrode in left end cap. Place KF part […]

OR Demonstration: MEGADYNE MEGA SOFT Patient Electrode Performance| ETHICON

This demonstration will show why conductive materials such as water and jewelry do not interfere with the mega soft pads Performance since they will not concentrate energy and increase temperature removing conductive materials is not required with a mega soft pad Patient’s jewelry tattoos piercings and implants such as artificial knees and hips do not […]

Calculate Metal Density

The density of Niobium metal we calculated in this problem, density in grams per cubic centimeter, this a body center cubic structure, this important for doing the calculation, and we’re given the atomic radius so the first thing we want to do is look at what the structure looks like so that we can get […]

Metal that breathes | Doris Kim Sung

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast I was one of those kids that, every time I got in the car, I basically had to roll down the window. It was usually too hot, too stuffy or just too smelly, and my father would not let us use the air conditioner. He said that it would […]