How to Roll a Cross Joint

How to Roll a Cross Joint with @SheSmokesJoints Step 1: Get supplies 2 grams of cannabis, 1 grinder, 2 king sized rolling papers, 1 safety pin or toothpick, several glue strips (from extra joint papers) cut glue strips form the extra papers break up your weed and put in grinder make sure there aren’t any […]

How to Roll a Heart Joint

How to roll a heart joint with @SheSmokesJoints Supplies needed: 1/4 Ounce of Cannabis, Grinder, 5-6 King-Sized Joint Papers, Extrap Papers for Glue Strips, 3 Filters, Scissors begin by cutting the glue strips off the extra papers grind up all your flowers be thorough roll two joints with filters make sure the filter is tight […]

How to Roll a Joint

how to roll a joint with @SheSmokesJoints Supplies: Joint Paper, Weed, Grinder, Filter (optional) Step 1: Break up your weed and put it in the grinder Make sure there aren’t any stems Grind it up! Be thorough! Step 2: Roll up your filter (if you’re using one) Place the filter at one end of the […]