How to Data Merge in Photoshop tutorial. It is like mail merge

if you have ever used mail merge customize your letters to customers you’re going to love data merge inside of adobe photoshop this is like Mail merge on steroids it allows you to create custom designs for your clients based on data that you have. This video demonstrates the basics of customizing your photoshop designs […]

Definition of Voltage and Current (ElectroBOOM101-002)

Hi, now that you know the most accurate theory of how electron came to life, let’s get into electronics, but not quite yet. I can’t just tell you what the voltage and current are – the video would be too short. You won’t quite grasp the meaning. So when scientists were discovering electricity, they already […]

Is America Actually Metric?

I’m here at the National Institute for Standards and Technology, and I’m about to see some of the original kilogram standards. Is that right? Patrick: You are, you are. When were these made? Well the originals were made in the 1880s. There were 40 of them that were brethren of the International prototype kilogram and […]