Rotoscoping with Masks – The Manager – Flame 2020

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In this video, you’ll cover rotoscoping… using the new Manager view in Flame 2020. The Manager is a much more simplified way of working with some of Flame’s tools. And whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Flame artist… The Manager will allow you to access a […]

How To Repair Clearcoat – Kevin Tetz Shows the Best Way To Fix Paint – Pt 2 of 3 – Eastwood

we’re ready look at the pattern that has here i’ll do another one here but you can see that it’s tiny it’s tiny the atomization is tiny but it’s a really nice product it’s very focused which is another good reason for us to do this repair with this product so here we go I’m […]

Get Better Face Protection with BetterShield™ Full Face Shields

Hi, I’m Andy from MarketLab. We know it’s hard to find face shields that provide the protection you need without impeding you vision. That’s why we’re proud to present the BetterShield™ Full Face Shield, the ideal balance of comfort and safety. BetterShield’s innovative design fits around the contours of your face, providing more complete facial […]

Italco Welding Helmet Range

Today we’re looking at this range of auto darkening helmets from Italco. From welding to grinding each of these helmets is a lightweight design so you can wear it all day if you have to and they’ll even fit a big head like mine the auto darkening function is auto controlled so you don’t have […]

masque de soudure lidl parkside automatique soudeur auto darkening welding helmet schweisshelm

soon, test with angle of view mask PARKSIDE WELDING MASK – PARKSIDE – LIDL hello, PARKSIDE PSH 3 A2 automatic welder mask for all common welding tasks, field of vision 9.2 x 4.2 cm, darkening time: 0.0002s degree of protection adjustable from 9 to 13 DIN, UV / IR protection 16 DIN Operating instructions, maximum […]