FUSE 2018 | CRESCENT HALL XVII 17 | Crescendo

Very Thin Ice: 10 years of Auto-Tune the News & Songify This

very thin ice (echoing from the depths of ancient youtube chambers) at the North Pole, new satellite photos show arctic ice is melting so fast oh snap, how fast? many scientists now predict it will be gone within 30 years surely you jest I’m under cardiac arrest, shawtayee some researchers think it could disappear in […]

Kill La Kill – I Want to Know (Benjamin Anderson + Emotional guitar mashup)

You’re alone in the rain Been thinking of you You can’t stop your tears When you stayed with me just before I wanna know Do you love me? How long you had to wait for me You can’t think of yesterday I got in a fight When you saw me But I couldn’t talk and […]

“I Am Iron Man” (Tony Stark)

I am Iron Man What is and always will be my greatest creation is you Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both? So you wanna look out for the little guy, you wanna do your part? Yeah, just looking out for the little guy […]