Gen. Joe Dunford’s Farewell Message to the Joint Force

In the coming days, I’ll complete over four decades of active service in my tenure as the Chairman. Before taking off my uniform for the last time, I wanted to tell you what an honor it has been to serve alongside you and to represent you here, in Washington D.C., and across the globe. More […]

VMI Joint Commissioning Ceremony 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the entrance of the stage party, and remain standing for the playing of the national anthem and the invocation. Let us pray. Almighty God and everlasting Father, we humbly approach you to make our prayer on behalf of these candidates who are being commissioned into the military service of […]

MCAS Iwakuni, Iwakuni city leadership conduct Joint Leadership Walk

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and Iwakuni City officials met with local business owners and community members during the 11th Joint Leadership Walk. The goal of the walk is to reinforce friendly bonds between the Iwakuni community and members of the air station. This is Colonel Richard Fuerst’s last Joint Leadership Walk as the commanding […]

Relief in Place | 31st MEU

What I hope the battalion and the BLT gains from this deployment? Number one is experience. We’ve had, you know, so many years that we were in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, you know, what I really hope is that those, especially those younger Marines, you know, this is a chance for them to really get […]

Why We Stay: 0331 Machine Gunner

(inspirational music) – I’m Sergeant Joseph Anders, I’m with seventh Battalion, first Marines. Quavnis Scumry Acadorate. The Marine Corps, out of all the service branches to me seems like the only one that really has that warrior mentality, still left in that we’re gonna be men, we’re gonna go fight, this is our profession. I […]

Tomoro Naviforce NF9050 Digital Analog Sturdy Stainless Steel Tactical Watch

Hello and welcome to this Simple Tech Quick review! For this short video, we are bringing you the TOMORO Naviforce NF 9050 dual analog and digital stainless steel watch. The Naviforce is a Full stainless steel body, tactical style waterproof watch that won’t break the bank! And for the build quality, this watch is actually […]

The C-Shop | III MEF Marines Come Out of the Woodwork

I think the most challenging thing when I first got here, It’s different now but when i first got here, I didn’t know anything about carpentry. We didn’t learn this at our MOS school. So you Youtube it, or you ask somebody. You look at it, you learn You practice, you perfect it. And it […]

What it Means to Me | Metalworking

My name is Cpl. James Tedder and I’m a 1316, metal worker. We weld, fabricate parts, for Marine Corps equipment basically anything that comes down that has to do with metal, we work it. I enjoy what I do because, I mean, it’s really nice taking all those raw ingredients and turning it into something […]