Toyota RAV4 Specs & Manufacturing Process Overview

– [Narrator] What’s new with RAV4? In short, everything. Toyota’s fifth-generation small SUV boasts a bold exterior and interior design, a meticulously assembled engine under the hood, and a long list of safety, convenience and comfort features that help solidify its no-compromise mentality. And because so much has changed with the fifth-generation RAV4, many of […]

Locating Pins Pt. 1: Workholding Concepts | Engineer to Engineer | MISUMI USA

Workholding is a term used when manufacturing products, but not everyone is aware of what this entails. Workholding at its purest form is simply securing a workpiece to allow for machining or other similar industrial processes to be done in a uniform and repeatable fashion. The introduction of basic workholding methods like locating and clamping […]