Fort Defiance Relies on Hobart Filler Metals

CNC Die Shop Machinist – Career Connections – WOSU

♪ (man) My job at Hirschvogel is I’m responsible for making dies and various tools in our die shop. A die is a negative mold. Parts are formed inside of these tools. One example would be a pinion shaft in a car, which is a component of the transmission or of a rear end that […]

Top Five CNC Plasma Cutting Cut Quality Problems: Solved!

Lincoln Electric My name is Mark Humphreys with Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems, and today we’re going to go over The top five cut quality problems that our customers encounter during their operations, and we’re tell you how to prevent them There are five factors that have a direct correlation with cut quality: the state of […]

Smart Sensors: Osceola Advanced Manufacturing Research Center

(upbeat music) – [Brandon] Over the next eight years, 1.3 million jobs will be created in the high-tech sector. – The whole area of intelligent sensors is just going to be an area of explosive growth. The international market is measured in billions now, but it’s estimated to rise to trillions in the years ahead. […]

Ultrasonic Stir Welding Technology Demonstration

Solid state welding technology has just experienced a breakthrough using ultrasonic energy. In this Ultrasonic Stir Welding system, sound energy is generated by two transducers then transmitted to the containment plate and stir rod. This energy reduces plunge, shear, and frictional forces, increasing the life of the pen tool and providing a significant increase in […]

4943 Aluminum TIG Rod Is Key to Medical Equipment Quality

We built a pressure chamber mainly for sterilization and stuff. I used the Hobart 4943 rod, works really good for us. We get the extra strength that we’re looking for. Just a very good weldability. Quality is our number one priority, and it flows well into the joints and we don’t see any leaks with […]

How Are Large 3D Printed Parts Manufactured?

What I’m going to explain now is how we go about building parts larger than what our build envelope is. Our largest build envelope is 36 by 24 by 36. This bumper here was built in two sections. What we did is in our software we were able to go in and split it and […]

Multi-craft Maintenance Technician – Career Connections – WOSU

♪ Capital Resin manufactures formaldehyde and resins. The formaldehyde is used in many things as a preservative agent. My job at Capital Resin Corporation includes many, many things. I’m a multi-craft maintenance personnel, which enables me to work on any aspect of the equipment. In the maintenance shop, I currently have a job to do […]

Plastic Welding with Ease » Weld and repair a Snowmobile Hood with a plastic welder

Hello everyone, My name is Bruce Lecky. I’m with Drader Manufacturing. And today I’m going to repair this plastic snow mobile hood with the Drader Injectiweld plastic welder. I’m going to take a look at the damage. The first damage on this part, the major damage is this tear right here. And this piece right […]

Weld Shop Supervisor – Career Connections – WOSU

♪ (man) Komar Industries manufactures heavy duty shredding equipment, and they process waste material. They process medical, hazardous waste. We can supply systems that you only have to handle it off of the truck and onto a conveyor, and then it processes itself until it feeds through the machine and is ready for waste disposal […]