Thor’s Stormbreaker DESTROYS ALL (Ultimate Test Video!)

bring me Thanos! Wakanda for never Hey guys it’s finally time, I finished training to kill Thanos, which means it’s time to test our Stormbreaker build. Stormbreaker! but first… But in case you guys haven’t been following along this is make it real and I’m your host the Hacksmith, we take fictional ideas from comics […]

Captain America Wakandan Shield BUILD (INFINITY WAR)

To see that we could become something more So when they needed us we could fight the battles that they never could Are you guys excited? I am and you know what that means Well for Civil War I made Captain America’s electromagnetic shield And it’s kind of my number one video on the channel […]


This video is sponsored by Apex legends. As you guys know I’m a big fan of battle royale style games, which is why I’m super excited to announce this video has been brought to you by the one and only Apex Legends Yep they came to us knowing our penchant for making it real and […]

I Made a Jet Pack! (ONE DAY BUILD)

Let’s Jet going. Hey guys, I’m the Hacksmith and this is Make It Real. Google just says the new pixel 3A, which is an amazing new phone at a wallet-friendly price. And they sponsored this video to challenge us to see if we can use a pixel 3a as a replacement for our expensive camera […]


Hey guys on this episode of Make It Real we’re building the resistance crossbow from half-life that’s right it shoots red-hot rebar this video is sponsored by next games which allowed us to build this awesome weapon for hunting the undead now obviously we’re gonna need quite a bit of steel for this project so […]

Making a RAILGUN and then TESTING it!

Hey guys in case you didn’t know the US Navy has been developing an electromagnetic railgun for the past decade and it’s absolutely incredible It’s a highly futuristic weapon that seems straight out of science fiction Using only electricity, it can accelerate a projectile to speeds of Mach 6. That’s over 7400 km/h! Plus it […]


They are still coming through! So in our last episode of make it real We made the world’s first proto-saber and now it’s time to test it out We realize that this blade design isn’t quite as durable as we had hoped so we’ve already come up with a much better design That’s going to […]

Does Captain America’s Electromagnet Shield Work?

Good thing I brought my shield. *vibrations* (Music) (Music) (Wood Breaking) (Wood Breaking) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) (Smash) *ting* Go. (Grunt) (Grunt) I could do this all day. When captain America throws his mightey shield The foes who chose to oppose his shield must yeild Hey guys, thanks for watching. To see some other cool […]

Jujimufu Destroys EVERYTHING With Hacksmith Projects!

Alright so in this week’s episode we’ve got a special guest Jujimufu: HI! we brought you Jujimufu to the shop and he walked around looked at all our projects you can see the tour on our vlog channel and we decided that we’re just gonna smash stuff so let’s get to it okay let’s go […]

Real Life Blitz Shield is BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN! (from R6 Siege)

On this episode make it real we’re trying something different, we’re making the Blitz shield from Rainbow six Do you guys remember Riley he started volunteering here about a year ago when he graduated high school this spring we actually hired him on full-time for the summer to help out around the shop before he […]