Multiprocess Welder Offers Portability for TIG, MIG, Stick

The Dynasty® 280 DX with CV, where portability meets multi-process. This machine is a multi-process version of the industry-leading Dynasty series. Having both constant curr ent and constant voltage output, this machine is able to weld TIG, MIG and stick processes. Weighing only 55 pounds and having convenient carry strap makes this machine the most […]

Fusion 160 Welder/Generator Is Portable and Versatile

Research indicates that the industry is wasting time waiting for a means to move their portable welder/generator solutions, wasting time reworking unsatisfactory welds, and managing multiple pieces of equipment to weld safely indoors and outdoors. This industry trend does not have to relate to you. Introducing the new Fusion 160 from Miller. It’s our newest […]