Lec 27 – Magnetic pulse welding

hello i welcome you all in this presentation this presentation is based on the topic magnetic pulse welding and this presentation is related with the subject joining technologies for the metals so the topic is magnetic pulse welding this process is basically solid state joining process so there is no fusion at the faying surfaces […]

Plug Welding Holes in Sheet Metal with Magnetic Copper Backers – Mike Finnegan at Hot Rod – Eastwood

hey it’s Finnegan back in the hot rod garage and i’m getting ready to weld a whole lot of holes shut in the firewall my 1955 Chevy using the eastwood magnetic plug welding tool this thing is awesome think of it as another pair of hands that are going to hold that copper plate right […]

MIG Welding: Using a Magnetic Ground – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): MIG Welding: Using a Magnetic Ground, Kevin Caron, www.kevincaron.com The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you wrestling with? Kevin Caron: My clamp died. This is the; well, not this one. This is like the ground clamp that used to be on Murph, my MIG welder. And where the electrode; where this cable […]

Inductor basics – What is an inductor?

Welcome to my first video about inductors. So, what is an inductor? Generally speaking an inductor is a device that temporarily stores energy in the form of a magnetic field. Inductors are usually just coils of wire and one of the basic properties of electromagnetism is that when you have current flowing through a wire, […]