How to Use an Arc Weld : Different Types of Welding Machines

Hi! My name is Mac. On behalf of, I would like to continue our discussion about stick welding or shielded metal arc welding. Today we will be discussing the different kinds of welding machines for this process. They are basically divided into two types of machines, A.C. machines or Alternating Current welding machines or […]

Precious Plastic – create things from plastic

Welcome to a new Precious Plastic video In the previous video, we learnt all about plastic, we built our own machines and we collected the material and now it’s time to create new things. So, first we are going to talk a little about different melting temperatures of the plastic. Then, we are gonna talk […]

Why Study Welding? JJC Student Whitney Wardlow Tells Her Story

When I first started here I started out in psychology and music. I didn’t even know we had a welding department. I didn’t know all the opportunities that were out there. I always liked to put things together and take things apart. I thought wielding would be a neat thing to try because it was […]

Bill Nye: Will Robots Take Everyone’s Job?

Hey Bill. My name’s Ian and I’m a computer science student. So the fields of machine learning and robotics have been making technological advances and replacing human labor at a blinding speed. And at this point it seems almost inevitable that virtually all jobs are going to be automated in the future. So my question […]

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