Why The Fusion 160 is Camburg Engineering’s Favorite Machine

Hi, I’m Jerry Zaiden, we’re here at Camburg Engineering at Huntington Beach, California and we’re showing you the new Miller Fusion 160. This is one of our favorite machines from Miller for a few reasons. One, this small machine right here, electric start, powers up a whole pit, 6500 watts. The second feature that we […]

How to Use a Longevity MIG Welder With Pulse Control – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to Use a Longevity MIG Welder With Pulse Control, Kevin Caron, www.kevincaron.com The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing? Kevin Caron: Playing with an octopus. I put my plug on this Longevity MigWeld 250P MIG welder so I can fire it up and show you guys how it runs. But […]

Making a Table for my Portable Bandsaw

In this video I wanted to show you one of my favorite new toys that I bought recently to help with breaking down aluminum scrap and cutting off sprues and how I made it even better! This is a Milwaulkie portable bandsaw and it is more useful than I could ever have hoped. In fact […]

Inside the Mitsuweld JAPAN DC Inverter Welding Machine (Teardown)

Hi Guys this is the another video already try to Weld. That. that. that. Let’s try to open ahmmm… slightly risky, but lets try. here there’s a 2 bolts ahh. there’s two… screws at the back try it to open for those who are excited specially for those who are asking whats inside the screw […]

Periodic cleaning of welding machines

Les machines à souder sont exposées à des environnements poussiéreux Dans le secteur des réparations chez ELECTREX, on voit des cas extrêmes… Avant toute intervention, débrancher la machine du secteur électrique. Retirer les couvercles. Éviter les pannes en effectuant périodiquement le nettoyage de l’intérieur de votre machine (dans le cas d’ ELECTREX, vous ne perdrez […]

Xyron Wishblade Welding Words Demo – 48387

One of the great options that Create and Cut has in it is our welding and cutout options. Let me go ahead and show you how to do some basic welding techniques. First of all, I’m going to select the normal text and I’m going to go ahead and type “weld”. Now, any time you’re […]

Crest Capital Reviews | Welding Equipment Financing

My name is Felicia Manuel and the business is Vill Platte Iron Works, Inc My comments are everything has gone smoothly – it all happened very quickly and we’re very satisfied with everything so I really don’t have anything negative to say my phone number is — — — —- if you have any question […]

You Need This Tool – Episode 67 | Lincoln Electric Flame Resistant Welding Sleeves

it’s Friday fool and you need this tool welcome back to another glorious episode of it’s Friday fool you need this tool my name is Kyle Voss and every Friday I bring you a tool a tool that I use here in this shop or that I have featured on this channel this week’s tool […]

DIY CNC Machine on Certiflat Welding Table Part 8: First Cuts running G Code Mach 3

Well there you have it, it’ll cut I I Spared you guys some of the Final assembly of this stuff, it was all pretty simple same theory on the z-axis servo motor drilled and tapped four holes into this Z-axis plate about this CNC router parts spindle mount I wanted to get it running so […]

How to Repair Welding Machine & How it Works | Welding Machine कैसे काम करती हे और इसे कैसे ठीक करें

Hello friends you are welcome at Electric Point i am your friend Shahbaz Malik and today’s video is related to electric Welding Machine in this video i will tell you how Welding Machine works? what is the working priciple what are the types… and how you will repair it at home? in this video we […]