Build & Battle: Automatic vs Manual Transmission, Which is Faster in a Drag Race? EP.4

– They cheated twice! (guys laughing) That motor doesn’t even have an oil pan, and they took me for $100. It was supposed to be complete with an oil pan, oil pan was sitting outside! (rhythmic music) – [Mechanic] There’s a right tool for the job, and this is not it. – Nobody’s cheating. – […]

PART 2 CHEVY C10 FRONT SHOCK TOWERS | Fabricating and TIG Welding New Shock Mounts

Alright, this bracket that we just cut out This is basically exactly where I need it to be Now this one here, we’re going to have to do a little bit of grinding And a little bit of fitting To get it to fit the way I need it to But we’ll get to that […]