We Took it too Far! (Ice Melting Challenge!)

THANKS FOR WATCHING ! We really did not think this through You know how in In ultimate expedition ice and snow was crucial for survival because you melt your water from eyes we’re learning something about ice today with Joey JC and paw let’s go right into it I was a great intro right beautiful […]

In Flames – Interview Anders Fridén – Paris 2019 – Duke TV [FR-DE-ES-IT-RU Subs]

Eagles of Death Metal – What’s in My Bag?

Hi I’m Boots Electric, or also Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal and I’m at Amoeba Records, on top of the world here in beautiful downtown Hollywood and this is What’s in My Bag. The first thing I found is the Catwoman bendable. This character of Catwoman was a big influence on my […]

▶ Cartier Tank Solo Large Quartz UNBOXING & REVIEW – Stainless Steel, Alligator Strap, W5200003

Welcome watch lovers, it’s Chris again over at Jaztime.com and today I’m going to be introducing you to the Cartier Tank Solo in large size. It’s a quartz watch. We’re gonna do the unboxing today for this brand new watch. You see this Cartier watch box. See we have the paperwork, or booklets that actually […]

▶ Patek Philippe Nautilus Stainless Steel, White Dial UNBOXING & REVIEW – 5980/1A-019

Welcome to Jaztime. Today, we’re gonna be reviewing a Patek Philippe 5980A-0019, it’s a discontinued White Dial, it’s a Nautilus Chronograph. Today’s gonna be the unboxing, and you guys are gonna be the first ones to see it. So, here we go. Pull this guy out. It comes with this leather, very nice cloth, and […]

The Artist Bringing Vibrant Skeletons to Life

(dramatic music) – The reason why I chose a skull more than anything else is because underneath all our skin is a skull. It’s the universal image to everybody. (speaking Spanish) – My name is Butch Locsin, I am a contemporary performance artist here in Los Angeles. I wear a skull mask and I play […]