028 – A Flux Too Far

Dark Souls Story ► Gwyn & the First Flame [Part 1]

If there is one thing to remember, it’s this: Fire fades, and it’s inevitable and natural for the world to return to dark. The future is dark, but it was not always this way. Let’s go back to where there was a flame. The Hero has made it to the Kiln, where the First Flame […]

The Joint Timeline of Soulsborne

Demon souls begins with the old one, an eldritch great one, descending upon the earth. Once awakened it inspires a hierarchy of demons dedicated to the retrieval of every soul in exchange for great power. In the evil ending, deep below the Nexus every soul is given to the old one and a great fog […]

LORE – Metal Gear Solid Lore in a Minute!

Our story begins in the Cold War fueled 1960’s where CIA operative Naked Snake is sent into Russia to hunt down and defeat his former mentor, the Boss; since just a month earlier she defected to the Soviet Union, threw Snake off a bridge, and gave a nuke to human lightning rod Colonel Volgon who […]