Combining Branches and Loops | C# 101 [11 of 19]

>>So we just went over loops in C Sharp, Now, we’re going to combine branches, and loop statements, and a bit of a challenge.>>Challenge time. All right. So let’s do this. I’m going to clear out my main, my hello world because I know that the challenge will go here. So let’s see if we […]

Launchpad || DIY or Buy || Keyboard Matrix & MIDI Tutorial

A while ago, I ordered myself This so-called Launchpad Which, in my opinion, not only features a rather decent build quality, for only 70 euro but also offers a total of 64 square push-buttons And 16 round push-buttons By connecting it to a computer through it’s micro-USB port, the push-buttons can, for one, light up […]

How to Build a Marble Roller Coaster

How to Build a Marble Roller Coaster. Design a custom marble roller coaster using these materials and enjoy the twists and turns as you set the marble flying! You will need Plastic tubing Metal wire Copper tubing Chicken wire Foam pipe insulation Supports Welding torch Soldering iron Hot glue gun Marble and marble roller coaster […]