Start Spectrum 48k games from CP/M OS via FUSE emulator on unmodified ZXSpectrum +3

Hi again! In this video we’ll see a little magic thing With rewritten ZXLDR loader (ZXLDRC, where “C” letter means C programming language) games could be loaded from tape images (regular TAP files) Let’s try the first one – Frightmare Game is loaded into RAM, BASIC48 ROM is also loaded into RAM, and now on-the-fly […]


Hi this is Carl the landscape guy. In this video I will show you how we complete cement-bonded grouting of natural stone slabs. This chapel forecourt is being redesigned. The natural stone slabs laid in sand have sagged over the years, forming trip hazard joints. The plates will be re-installed later, so they will be […]

Welding the loader on the massey 50

it’s Pete from cheap homes standing in today’s the day I’m gonna weld the center link on my Massey 50 tractor so then I can just use my tractor whenever I want otherwise it’s been sitting in my garage and I haven’t been able to use it so that’s no good either so let’s go […]

Miller Users Weld for Performance

(upbeat music) – I’m Dan Reiger, I’m a welder at the Bobcat Company in Gwinner, North Dakota. Bobcat’s been around for 60 years. I’ve been with Bobcat for 27 years myself. Anything I do I like to be consistent in my welding. My wife calls me a perfectionist. Miller, it makes my work better, my […]