FOSDEM 2016: sxfs, a FUSE based filesystem mapping for Skylable SX

Most of you probably… store your data remotely Which means that you have to somehow keep private… And I’m going to present you solution which is designed to keep your privacy. But let’s first start from the neets… Well… let’s continue… What do we need to keep private is that we have to rely only […]

How to Combine Wired Ethernet with Wi-Fi at Once on a Raspberry Pi

Hi, I’m Alex from Connectify, and today I’ll show you how you can combine internet from an ethernet connection and a Wi-Fi network on a Raspberry Pi. If all the available internet you have to work with is a weak Wi-Fi connection and a wired ethernet connection, you can actually combine the bandwidth from those […]

ROS Developers Live-Class #51: How to fuse Odometry & IMU using Robot Localization Package

hello ROS developers how you doing I’m here waiting to start with the with a class of today I’m very happy to come here again and I’m having my coffee yes always and I’m getting ready for you know mentally ready for the class and today we are going to continue in this series of […]

Blackmagic Design & AJA Support – Flame 2020.2

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In the Flame 2020.2 update… Flame supports a variety of AJA and Blackmagic Design hardware configurations. With this release, there have been a number of driver upgrades on Mac and Linux… As well as additions to hardware support… For Flame products running on Linux. Starting with AJA… […]

Merge Layers in Your DWG Drawings

With the command MERGELAYER we will learn how to merge Layers to a destination Layer In this drawing created with ARES Commander we can see different elements. Observe that when passing the pointer over them the element is highlighted, or even those that are composed of several. Facilitating the search for a specific object. Now […]

3D Interoperability with ‘Send To’ – PART 2 – Flame 2020.3

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. In part 1 of this series… You learnt the fundamental basics… of how to instantly exchange 3D data… between the Flame 2020.3 Update… Maya 2020 and Mudbox 2020. This was using the new “SEND TO” workflow… And the last part of the video… Went through a basic […]

DIY CNC Router on Certiflat Welding Table Part 9: Update Running Linux

hey YouTube so it’s been about a year and a half since I did it in videos on the third flat CNC machine and frankly I haven’t done anything with it since then it’s been kind of a workbench and catch-all for storm throwing stuff on top of table I ran into a project the […]