Stainless Steel Fuel Line Kit, GM Trucks (Diesel)

Welcome to Dorman Products Fuel Line Kits installation video. Before you begin, this has been considered a moderate installation by our technicians. Suggested time of the installation is about 1-2 hours. Tech note: Our fuel lines have been re-engineered with a “sectional design” for an easier installation. Be sure to depressurize the fuel system before […]

Garagistic E30 Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines Installation

Speaker 1: Welcome to another episode of Salt City Euros. Today, we’re going to installing stainless steel brake lines from Garagistic. When replacing your brake lines, you obviously need your stainless steel brake lines, need a set of wrenches with specific wrenches to brake lines, so we have an 11, a 14, and then we […]

Electricity & Magnetism Hand Rules (part one)

Electricity and magnetism are intently related. We use moving magnets to generate electric current, as with these turbines, and electric current to make magnets. Here I’ve set up a powerful magnet with a strip of aluminum foil running perpendicular to the magnetic field lines. Remember these from the last episode? Well, I’ve set up a […]

Worker on Scissor Lift Electrocuted

Overhead power lines and elevating equipment can be a dangerous mix. You don’t even have to touch the power lines. Get close enough to one, and like lightning, the electricity can jump across an air gap. This is known as flashover, and it’s what happened to one young worker. The young worker had been cleaning […]