Pipeliner LH-D Stick Electrodes

You’ve got 500 miles of pipe to lay through rough terrain That won’t allow for automated equipment. And the pipe is high strength steel so you need to use a low hydrogen process. How do you beat your deadline with welds the pass? Pipeliner® LH-D stick electrodes from Lincoln Electric. Lincoln has always worked with […]

Ranger® Engine Driven Welders

Today I’d like to talk about the Ranger line of engine-driven portable welders from Lincoln. These are the machines that are designed for construction and farm use. This happens to be the Ranger 225 that’s in the back of my truck right here. As you can see, it fits real nice in a small pickup […]

Tips from the Experts: More on 5356 & 4043 Filler Metals

Hi, I’m Karl Hoes from the Lincoln Electric Welding School in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re down here in Mooresville, North Carolina at the NASCAR Technical Institute and we’re doing an Advanced Motorsports Seminar. Yesterday, we talked a little bit about identifying or telling the difference between two different filler metals by dropping them on the floor […]

Tech Tips: Repairing a Crack in Cast Iron

Hi, I’m Joe Kolasa. I’m the welding instructor at the Lincoln Electric welding school. We are here in Cleveland Ohio at the Lincoln Electric corporate headquarters, and I’m here to help you with some welding tips on cast iron. Most of the problems that we have with cast iron is due to its high carbon […]

POWER MIG® Quick Start, Pt 1

After you’ve purchased your POWWER MIG 180 Dual, I’m actually going to show you how to set it up. I’ve laid out all the parts here so you can see just to show you what comes complete with the machine. Again, it’s a complete package, comes with everything you need minus your gas. So what […]

Magnum® PRO

As a product manager at Lincoln Electric it’s my goal to bring you a quality product using the latest technologies for a wide range of welding applications. I’m pleased introduced the newest addition to our product portfolio, our Magnum PRO line of guns and front-end expendables. With Magnum PRO, the message is quite simple: We […]

POWER MIG® Quick Start, Pt 2

I’ve loaded the wire. It’s the .025 Lincoln L-56 wire. I put the .025 drive roles and guide tubes. We’ve fed it through. We’ve also installed the .025 tip into the Magnum 100L gun, so we’re ready to go there. The next step was to hook up the regulator that comes with the machine and […]

Tech Tips: Shielding Gas Selection for MIG Welding

I’d like to talk to you today about shielding gasses and MIG welding. Before I get into the shielding gasses, I want to talk a little bit about safety. Anytime you’re dealing with a shielding gas, whether it’s MIG or TIG process or any process using a shielding gas, you definitely want to make sure […]

Portable POWER MIG® Family

I’m standing here in the corporate headquarters Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m actually standing in the manufacturing facility. Today I’d like to talk about the small portable POWER MIGs from Lincoln– the POWER MIG 140C, the POWER MIG 180C, and the POWER MIG 180 Dual. The neat thing about these machines are they’re complete […]

Tech Tips: Plasma Cutting Basics

Sometimes instead of welding metal together, you want to cut it apart and a great way to do that is with a plasma cutter and that’s what I want to talk about today. This is the Tomahawk 375 Air. the reason why they call it the 375 Air is because it has a built-in air […]