K.Flay Discusses The Inspiring Message Behind Crush Me | Voodoo 2017 | Fuse

Whatsup, my name’s Kflay and we are here at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans Louisiana making crafts. I am finding the options slightly overwhelming but I’m gonna go with a pumpkin.Crush mewas an EP I put out just about a year ago. It is also contained on my record which is calledEverywhere Is Somewhere. […]

Sammy Wilk Talks New Music & His Clothing Line | Fuse

I’m just tryin’ to make people happy That is very unneeded. I plan on dropping like a single every like month. This is like a rough plan that I’ve kinda been thinking about And then once they kinda understand the direction I’m going with my music Cause there’s no like right or wrong way to […]


Ready to shop? Yeah? Okay! Let’s go. Way up north in the state of Alaska Lives a man his wife and kids And this Dude he lives like Hella because that’s the way he is. Alright, we are at Michaels I am feeling a little crafty First place I go in any store is the […]

All of fuse’s interviews with Paramore

well like we don’t wanna you know tell ya the whole thing or whatever but ah it is really just, it’s sort of like, it’s very abstract right um, but it’s like taking the wounds of a person , like of a person and putting them on the out… like the inner wounds like scars […]

The Naked and Famous Take Fuse’s BFF Quiz | Music Midtown 2017 | Fuse

[Talking Over Each Other] We finish each-others… …Sentences… Because we’re best friends… [Talking Over Each Other] Forever…Naked and Famous And my name’s [Talking Over Each Other] Aaron….David… ♪ ♪ We’re here on Fuse TV at Midtown Festival and now we’re gonna try and guess each-others answers to some fun questions. See how well we know […]

Identify Like Terms and Combine Like

In this lesson we will review how to identify like terms and also how to combine like terms to simplify a polynomial. Two or more terms are like terms if they have the same variable or variables with the same exponent. Another way to think of this is like terms have the exact same variable […]

Closet Tours: Ben Phillips’ Love For Isaiah Rider Jerseys | Social Fabric | Fuse

My name is Kyle. I made a show about clothes. Here’s some of the coolest closets I got to see. That’s a nice coat. My good friend Ben Phillips of Lock, Sock, ‘n Barrel is a huge collector of many things. One thing that is very weird for him to collect is sports jerseys. This […]

Richie’s Heart Melts In Chocolate Bath With Alex | The Bachelor Australia

It is Since chocolates been a big thing today But we could have a chocolate behind That is chocolate yeah, that is um 300 of chocolate Chocolate is good for releasing serotonin They say is the chemical of low the more time I spend Alex they’re stronger the connection I feel and I can’t wait […]