How To Prevent Arc Eye / Flash Eye Burn – Gear Up With Gregg’s

Good morning and welcome back to Gear Up With Gregg’s My name’s Brady and today I will be teaching you about AGO Welding Screens. Beside me are a few portable safety screens, I know they look like a bunch of room partitions but the fabric used on them is actually far more advanced than the […]

Handyman Profit / Top 10 Most Profitable Handyman Jobs / JOBS THAT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY

Hey friends Allen Lee here with honest lee handyman services out of Sacramento, California And today I wanted to talk about the top 10 most profitable handyman jobs. I Looked at various different handyman jobs, and I used the same strategy that I talked about in my video last week which is maximum profit equals […]

How to see invisible UV Light – Easy At-Home Science

Hi, I’m Tech Adams Today, I wanted to show you this. To the naked eye and to the camera, this piece of glass appears clear, but it’s not. Oohh, see how clear. In order to show that it’s not clear, I need three things. A black piece of card, a yellow highlighter, and an ultraviolet […]

Welding Helmets with X-Mode Make Outdoor Welding Easier

When welding outside, or in areas where the ambient light is extremely bright, helmets that rely strictly on light sensors to change the helmet from light to dark can’t sense the arc properly. Helmets that are equipped with the X-Mode feature, they sense the welding arc through the electromagnetic field. Therefore, they change the helmet […]

How to See Clearly Through Your Welding Helmet – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to See Clearly Through Your Welding Helmet, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you looking at? Kevin Caron: Well, I got an email the other day, a new welder, he’s still in school, and he wanted to know why do helmets come in different shades (either the old-fashioned […]

قلم اصلاح الاشياء المكسورة 3 seconds light fix welding compound glue pen

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be on you welcome to new episode of product evaluation channel We buy products from world wide web sites the guaranteed products , if god will and try it on a video as soon as it arrives We evaluate it together. Is it good or not ? do we […]

How To Solder a 3.5mm, ⅛”, or Mini Headphone Connector

Hi I’m Benson with Linxus Communications Today we’re going to teach you how to correctly solder at 3.5 millimeter connector the 3.5 millimeter connector also known as mini plug ⅛” Jack or your common headphone jack can be used to plug into an mp3 player a CD player or a stereo. For this project you […]

Seeing the Invisible: SLOW MOTION Schlieren Imaging

If there were a portal through which you could see all of the invisible air currents, temperature gradients and differences in pressure and composition of air, then this is what it would look like to strike a match. This is helium being squeezed out of a balloon. You could see the warm air rising off […]