The Unseen Costs of Coal-Generated Electricity

US coal policies are contradictory. Some policies encourage the use of coal power through tax funded subsidies while others discourage coal use through regulation. American taxpayers paid nearly $1 billion in subsidies to the coal industry in 2013. This means Americans pay for electricity twice, once when they pay their electricity bill and again when […]

Regulating Monopolies: A History of Electricity Regulation – Learn Liberty

One way we usually associate with government intervention or government activity is the regulation of monopolies. And we think of legislation like the Sherman Antitrust Act as a way that we control the growth of monopoly, market power, and the ability of firms to come to dominate one industry. The history of this kind of […]

Gary Johnson / William Weld Political Ad: “Are #youin?” [HD Quality]

I’m Governor Gary Johnson. I’m Governor Bill Weld. I’m running for President. I’m running with him! As the governor of New Mexico, I vetoed wasteful spending 750 times, cut taxes 14 times, and left the state with new highways, bridges, schools, hospitals and a billion dollar surplus without raising taxes a penny! As governor of […]