fLux v Kaar | Beste 2 van de 3 | Rocket League Gameplay

I sip a bit of beer … You’ve got 3 seconds and a loading screen A really fast loading screen You lost control for a second DAMMIT! Goddammit, goddammit, goddammit, god– We’ve established the mood You know what I don’t like about this map? Too many colors? Can’t all be a dark forest with creepy […]

Big Freedia’s Explosive Vegas Debut | Big Freedia Bounces Back | Fuse

♪ Freedia ♪ ♪ Shake ya rumpa ♪ ♪ Shake ya rumpa ♪ [Horn Blaring] ♪ [Bounce Music Starting] ♪ ♪ Queen Diva ♪ ♪ She bout to explode ♪ ♪ Oh let’s go, let’s go ♪ ♪ Oh let’s go, let’s go ♪ ♪ Oh let’s go, let’s go ♪ ♪ Let’s go, let’s […]


Whoa! What’s up, YouTube? Today we’re going to be experimenting with gallium. Gallium! (YELLING) Gallium! If you don’t know what gallium is, it’s the 31st element in the periodic table of elements. Gallium is a metal, but it melts in your hand. It has a really, really low melting point. So here we go. You […]

GitHub tutorial – Master, Branch, Commit and Merge with Xcode 9

Hi, Alex here from rebeloper.com and in this video I am going to talk about GitHub and Xcode 9 and how easy it is to work with them together. So without further ado let’s get started and take a look at our and resources. Of course if you don’t have any images I urge you […]

Add Data to Cloud Firestore in Swift 5 (set, add, merge)

Hi, Alex here from rebeloper.com and welcome back to this tutorial series on cloud firestore. Now today we are going to finally add some code so we can add some data to our database. So without further ado let’s jump right into it. Okay! Let’s take a look at what I have just added here […]

Microsoft Excel, SQL & Internet Tips : How to Merge Workbooks in Excel 2003

Hi, my name’s Dave Andrews. Today I’m going to show you how to merge Workbooks in Excel 2003. Let’s open up Excel by clicking on the start button. Let’s go to all programs. Let’s find Microsoft Office. Let’s launch Excel 2003. Now, what we’re going to do is create a workbook that we can merge […]

Merge Dragons Free Gems – Merge Dragons Hack

Welcome to MyTrickz Today I will show you how to get free Gems This is a just part of a proof… But let’s go step by step As you can see, we have only few Gems So, let’s go to MyTrickz to generate some resources! As you can see, generator is very simple and easy […]

Spacelords – Heavy Metal Update!


【Metal Slug Attack】Laboratory : RAMAL

🛡METAL SLUG ATTACK🛡 Let’s Get Starting! Menu~~~ Laboratory Let’s see kamal skill and level! Her Name is “kamal”. Let’s Practice! Rebel Army Already??? Wow… Mummy Revenge!!! Mummy Warrior 😱 Ramal : BEGONE! Ok, Next Stage! Space Army (Martian) Mars!!! Arsinoe, No!!! No,no,no!!! That was close…. Next Stage! Next Stage (Space Army Again) Space Army (Martian) […]