High-Speed Sync- Combining Speedlight with Pack & Head

It’s hot here in LA so we decided, “Hey, we’ll just hang out in the pool with a few rocks, and trees and wings and smoke and things.” But hey, we’re going to teach you the principle on how to High-Speed Sync your camera with an 800 watt/second pack and head system. Great thing to […]

FUSE Program at SPC

The FUSE program is saving me time and money. I also get to work and live at home, which is nice. I am very happy that I chose the FUSE program because I like knowing where I’m going next, which is the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

Camera Review: Sony A7R II vs Atomos Ninja Flame

Jay: For our review today, we’re gonna take a look at the internal 4K recording on that A7R II versus the external recording, 4K recording on the Flame. Kenneth: You won’t believe what happens next. Jay: Kind of interesting. It’s November, time to be thankful. We’re thankful that Syrp is gonna give away a $1266 […]

How to Combine LEDs and Tungsten Lights – Photography Tutorial

– Stick around at the end of the video, we’re giving away an XP800. ♪ [music] ♪ – Today on The Sliding Lens we’re shooting a commercial for a client called Minibini. They make an air freshener for your trash can that really does work. We’re going to show how well it works by shooting […]

Learn Mandarin Chinese – Combining Tones (Lesson 14)

Hi, I’m Fame Ketover of Lenguin.com and this is Mandarin Chinese. In this lesson we’re going to unite the powers of the tones. Oh, and we’re also going to talk about the neutral tone. So we’ve seen how tones work in single syllables. Now we’re going to see what happens when we combine tones. Most […]

Auto Body and Paint Training Youtube Channel – Training Videos

Do you want to discover how to: straightened metal, apply body filler, repair plastic, weld, prime, block, paint, clear, polish, detail, cars and more? Hi, this is Donnie Smith. I am an ASE certified collision repair instructor and I post a new video teaching you auto body and paint every Tuesday. Not only will you […]

Le Chatelier’s Principle Part 1 | Reactions | Chemistry | FuseSchool

In this lesson, you will learn about Le Chatelier’s Principle, which explains what a system at equilibrium does in response to “stresses”. Let’s return to our original example of you digging a hole and your friend refilling it simultaneously. If you start digging at a rate faster than refilling, the hole gets larger. In order […]

FUSE Program: Prospective Students

Hey everyone I’m Alexis and today I want to tell you about an exciting opportunity incoming SPC students can take advantage of called Fuse. The Fuse program guarantees your admission to University of South Florida system institution with an associate’s degree from St. Petersburg College. Save time and money by starting at SPC and transferring […]

Public Speaking Pro Tips (Merge Your Profession with Your Passion)