How To Straighten Metal On Car Parts


This video is sponsored by: LootCrate The monthly subscription service for epic geek and gamer items and pop-culture gear. *smack* Hi, I’m Stevie T, and today we’re going to learn how to be: POWER METAL! *POWER INTENSIFIES* Like, I’ve done videos for a lot of different genres of “submetal”. *realises it’s not a word* What!? […]

Otto von Bismarck – The Iron Chancellor – Extra History – #4

It is GO TIME in Bismarck Land! Bismarck had a list, and he was checking it twice. Action item #1 on that list; Steamroll some Danes. 16 years prior, in 1848, Prussia had invaded Denmark with the hopes of annexing the largely German duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, but the threat of international intervention had […]

plc siemens s7 300 training, Lesson3 Memory and Program Architecture

all user program objects are located in various organized memory areas of the CPU different variable areas are the basis for the communication between the program parts and the system we will now follow the course of a user program from the programming device through the various CPU areas of the user memory model the […]

#1 Tig Welding Tip For Amazing Welds

What is up guys? so if you dont know me, I am Kyle Voss and I like to make stuff in my small 3 car garage I am a mid level fabricator, I dont claim to be the best fabricator of welder out there but I have a tip for ya…this is the number one […]

Diving Safety (Quiz)

INSTRUCTOR: An interesting application of the ideal gas law is swimming and diving. When you dive beneath the surface of water, your body experiences an increase in pressure. That’s because the water has mass, and that mass, pushing down on your body, increases pressure. The increase in pressure goes, for every 10 meters in depth, […]

This California Prison Teaches Inmates to Dive Deep

(water splashing) – [Jeff] It’s unique, right? We’re not anywhere near the ocean. And yet we’re teaching inmates how to commercial dive, so that they can get out and get a good job and be productive members of society. – [Man] One, two, three, four. – [Jeff] It’s a hard thing to get your mind […]


Now , I have decided in this video. that i need to use Some J-B Weld (two part epoxy) Epoxy, and I found a weak spot -Right… in this area right here So=I am going to show you how I USE J-B Weld This version takes about 24 hours to cure Thats if ..done […]