today we are looking at the Espier LED solar-powered light so this light is waterproof especially since it has to go outside and this emits a pretty flickering flame that I can’t wait to see outside it takes about four to six hours to charge and it runs for about eight to ten it has […]

How to Combine LEDs and Tungsten Lights – Photography Tutorial

– Stick around at the end of the video, we’re giving away an XP800. ♪ [music] ♪ – Today on The Sliding Lens we’re shooting a commercial for a client called Minibini. They make an air freshener for your trash can that really does work. We’re going to show how well it works by shooting […]

Solar Lantern Torch Flame?(Hang, Stake or Tabletop) Ollivage Lights ?

welcome back to the channel today I have some new LED solar lanterns these are from Ollivage and I’m going to open the box and show you what’s inside so each box contains two solar lanterns and at the top you get the space right here it also does come with clips so you can […]

?Gratis energie (stroom) met een citroenbatterij! / Free energy (electricity) with a lemon battery!

Hello all, welcome again to a new video on my channel. Today we are going to generate our own electricity! See you after the intro. What do we need? Some nails, a couple of pieces of zinc, a LED light, some tape, pliers, some wires and a couple of lemons. And my own fuel 🙂 […]

etrailer | This Old Trailer: Troubleshooting the Full Ground Wire

How to Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit Using LED Lights

How to Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit Using LED Lights How to Make Wireless Electricity Transmission Circuit Using LED Lights

Стол с эффектом бесконечности .


How to Make Wireless Transmission of Electricity/Joule Thief

Hi Gang! In a previous video I showed you wireless transmission of electricity using the popular joule thief circuit. I demonstrated it powering an LED and a buzzer, even with the transmission coils hidden inside a drawer and the LED and buzzer on top. In this video I’ll show you how you can make it […]

Why Modi? Episode 2: Electricity for all | #1MinuteTalk

तुम्हाला कसे सरकार हवे आहे? अंधारात ठेवणारे कि घरात प्रकाशाची झगमग आणणारे? नमस्कार. मी आशुतोष मुगळीकर नरेंद्र मोदीजींनाच मत देण्याची ७५ कारणे मी तुम्हाला सांगणार आहे २०१४ साली विजेची परिस्थिती अतिशय बिकट होती. तुम्ही त्या काळातली वीज कपात विसरलात का? गावोगावी १६-१६ तास वीज नसत असे! सध्याची स्थिती काय? आजच्या भारतात गरजेपेक्षा अधिक वीज निर्मिती […]

Electricity generating textiles

I’m Anja Lund, I’m a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology. My topic is electronic textiles. This means that I mainly develop textile fibers that can conduct electricity and also fibers that can generate electricity. Most people have an idea of what textiles are. We all have textiles around us every day. But I think […]