PowerPoint 2016 Beyond the Basics: Merge Shapes

♪ This is the Beyond the Basics with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 series by Trillium Creative Solutions. In this video we’ll explore Merging shapes. If you just want to know where to find it on the ribbon and what the different options do, here you go. PowerPoint provides a variety of shapes. ♪ And now we […]

Flux and magnetic flux

– [Voiceover] What I wanna do in this video is give ourselves an introduction or an intuition for the term Flux in general. And then think about how it applies to the idea of magnetic Magnetic Flux. So, first of all, when people are just talking about flux, and this is the easiest way that […]

Monster magnet meets flames…

Hi! Before we get started: Can you spot the difference? The sphere on the right is pushing the flame without touching it. How is this possible? Let’s look into it… In this video I’ll handle powerful magnets. Don’t let the big magnets bite you… There’ll also be a lot of flames. Don’t let fire play […]

FUSE Program at SPC

The FUSE program is saving me time and money. I also get to work and live at home, which is nice. I am very happy that I chose the FUSE program because I like knowing where I’m going next, which is the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

Machine Learning – Part 5 – Human Body & Human Head Extraction – Flame 2020.2

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. With the Flame 2020.2 update… Two new machine learning models… have been introduced into the Flame products. So part 5 in the Machine Learning Series… Introduces Human Body Extraction… And Human Head Extraction. Both machine learning models… allow Flame to look at an image… And identify parts […]

Machine Learning – Part 1 – The Z-Depth Generator – Flame 2020

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. With the release of Flame 2020… A whole range of new technology… has been integrated into the Flame products. This is in the form of machine learning… Which uses trained artificial intelligence… to analyse an image and compute a variety data… That you could use for VFX […]

Machine Learning – Part 4 – Sky Isolation & Extraction – Flame 2020.1

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. With the Flame 2020.1 update… Another type of machine learning… has been introduced into the Flame products. So in part 4 of the Machine Learning Series… You’ll learn how to extract the sky out of a shot. So Flame can look at an image… And using Machine […]

CUE Cards TCG – Cards, the Universe, Everything

This is Billy. Now it may interest you to know that Billy has memorised all 807 Pokemon characters, can spin 4 fidget spinners at once and knows all the best places to cower in Fortnite. Rather more impressively, Billy can also name all the planets in the solar system and hold his own in a […]

What if all Glaciers Melted? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if all Glaciers Melted? Then I would go swimming to the North Pole. Stop it AumSum. It is estimated that glaciers presently occupy. About 10% of the world’s land mass. Now, if all the glaciers were to suddenly melt. Firstly, sea levels around the world would rise by more than 50 […]