5G TIG Fill and Cap Pass: 2 Inch Sch 80 Pipe

5G 7018 Fill and Cap: 2in Sch 80 Pipe

– What do you mean action? Are we on right now, really? Seriously? Doin’ a series of pipe runs on schedule. 82 inch pipe. We did tig roots, now we’re doin’ multiple fills and caps with seventy eighteen. We’re gonna do a five G run today. This has a tig root in it. I’m gonna […]

6G 7018 Pipe: Quick Tips for the Cap Pass

(tool welding) (tool sparking) – We’re doing 7018, 3/32nd 7018 on small two inch, schedule 80. (tool sparking) In this one here, we’re gonna do six GM and this gonna go straight to the 2B cap. This has a chig root in it. I wish it was just a little bit fuller, but I think […]


– One of the questions I get a lot as an educator is how do I set up my machine? So today we’re gonna talk about shielded metal arch welding specifically with the low hydrogen electrodes and we’ll just go over the basics. I’m gonna show you how to dial in the correct amperage or […]