6G TIG Fill and Cap: 2 Inch Heavy Wall Pipe

– We’ve been doin’ a series of pipe welding videos on two inch, Schedule 80. This one is 6g. We did the root pass video and now we’re going to do the fill and the cap. I’m runnin’ off an EVERLAST 161 STH, live arc feature. Runnin’ a 17 series torch, number five cup, may […]

Rapidarc Rapid X Welding

– Ready? – Wanna do the intro? – Huh? – Wanna do the intro? Do it man, do it. – Alright. Welcome back YouTube, it’s Jason Becker with weld.com here with Bob Moffett. Today, we’re gonna talk a little bit about RapidArc and RapidX, the differences between the two and the advantages of both. So, […]

7018 2G Fill Cap: 2 Inch Sch 80 Pipe

(laughs) – What? – What’s so funny? I haven’t even got to the punchline yet. We got the Cub in here today. What’s up, man? – How you doing, bud? – I’m doing good, I’m doing good, hanging. I threw a little TIG root in here, you going to do a, you going to finish […]

Talking Shop on the Arc Junkies Podcast

(motivational electronic music) – I’ve never been to Top Golf before. That was an amazing experience. I’m just saying. – Did you have a lot of fun with that Dickie? – Huh? – Have a lot of fun with that? – I did. I did. I found out that I still can’t hit the ball […]

Blending Welds on Inside Corners

(buzzing) – Welcome to weld.com I’m Bob Moffatt. I have Mr. John Thompson here with PFERD. We’re welding guys. PFERD’s been helping us out with the abrasive side of the industry here. Appreciate the education, got a problem. Need some help. – Okay. – I’m pretty good on the outside of something. How do you […]


– [Director] Action. – Hey, welcome to Weld.com. I’m Bob Moffatt. We’ve had a lot of comments, people getting into flux core. And, you know, the flux core, self-shielded, dual-shielded. Today, I wanna do a quick lesson here and get some folks started. We’ve had a lot of requests, “How do I get into this?” […]

🔥 2″ Steel Tube: PREP – BEVEL – WELD – FINISH (at Pferd USA)

– Welcome to Weld.com, we are at PFERD USA in Milwaukee. Known for brushes, beer, cold wind, nah, it’s not that bad today. Anyway, we are here to do an educational training for the staff of Weld.com. I know some of you are interested in abrasives, I certainly am, so we’re gonna head inside and […]

Welding our Incorrectly Cut I-Beam

– Welcome to weld.com Recently, I did a coat detail cut on a piece of I-beam into another, and I kind of made a mistake. And I appreciate you guys kind of acceptin’ the fact that I make mistakes. But, in any event, we’re gonna carry on with this piece here. And we’re actually gonna, […]

Sub Arc Welding and Jason Becker Introduction

– Welcome to Weld.com. I am in Kissimmee, Florida I’m going to go in and meet Jason Becker Senior Welding Instructor for Valencia College. I’m going to get to know him and I think pretty sure he’s got some good stuff that we want to see in here for processes and some other equipment that […]

How To Make Hairpin Legs From Rebar | Welding 101

hey everyone Chad from ManCrafting and I just left Tom’s house and this is Tom Mills from GreenShortz DIY here on YouTube I do a channel that focuses on DIY content within an eye towards sustainability so rocket stove for example is green because you use found fuel sticks and twigs versus charcoal or larger […]