Laying Down the LAW – Battlefield 4 (BF4) MBT LAW Launcher Tips

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: Today I’m playing with probably one of the most underappreciated rocket launchers in the game: the MBT LAW. For the engineer, it’s the very first rocket launcher in the game, and most players graduate to the RPG, SMAW, or SRAW. By chance I recently started playing with this rocket launcher again, […]

(2 of 2) Electricity and Magnetism – Review of All Topics – AP Physics C

Mr. P: Ammeters and voltmeters. An ammeter, you need to put in series, a voltmeter, you need to put in parallel. In order to measure the current, in order to put it in, you need to have it in series, right? In order to have little change to the circuit, you need to have as […]

Fleming’s right hand rule for electricity generation

For making electricity two things are required. one is magnet, another is motion. If we have these two things, the nature had made the rule. If we follow their method made by nature then we can make the electricity. Actually magnet directly is not used. When we use the magnet, then one field is created. […]

(1 of 2) Electricity and Magnetism – Review of All Topics – AP Physics C

Bo: Hey, guys! Billy: Hey, Bo! Bobby: Hi, Bo! ♫ (lyrics) Flipping Physics ♫ Mr. P: Ladies and gentlepeople, the bell has rung, therefore class has begun. Therefore, you should be seated in your seat, ready and excited to review everything we learned in electricity and magnetism in AP Physics C. Here we go, are […]

Jack of all Trades, China has None!

Sasha: Welcome to another Video Winston: Well, Hey there guys and welcome to Oklahoma City I’m here staying with a Patron and Subscriber Who I will be introducing to you in a very short time and today I’m talking about well, Jack of all Trades Basically, being able to do stuff. And this is something […]