Influence of the tip angle – Tungsten electrodes

The influence of the tip angle on the puddle, the heat penetration and the arc stability. It is often thought that a pointed tip creates a smaller puddle, But in reality, with a tip of 30 degrees, you’ll have a larger puddle than with a tip of 60 degrees. The reason for this is that […]

Tank Clutch Assembly (Tank Project)

Hey folks! Great that you are watching This week we are continuing with the power train of the tank We have to order some new compression springs I have one spring from the steering hubs here It still looks somewhat fine So lets measure it These are compression springs There are lots of different variants […]

Beetje lassen – bit of welding

You saw me welding up the manure bars of the milking robot. Which is stainless steel And I don’t have stainless steel welding wire or rods, so it will probably rust I don’t care, as long as it’s rigid else we will get accident with the cows Thanks for watching again, and like! Comment and […]

Hoe werkt een lasapparaat?

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! Many of you asked me questions about how a welder works As you’ve seen my welder Overthere has broken down not long ago I’ve checked it It turned out that the transformer which powers the electronics, broke down It has to do with the weather becoming colder and more […]

Gaz M20 part4 (welding the bottom)

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! We’re busy with an old Russian car for a couple of weeks We pulled it out a garden somewhere and pushed it in our workshop We want to get it on the road again soon A lot of welding was needed and we’re not finished yet We’re going to […]

HOW TO WELD?! | BMW E30 318is – EPI#9 PT.3

Maybe you think: what’s he doing? There is a hole over here. And inside the trunk there is some upholstery. When you are going to weld, there comes in a high temperature. So it’s important to remove your interior and everything that can probably burn. That’s the reason why we disassemble this and this. Probably […]