Erbium – Periodic Table of Videos

Lovely! I’ve just realised that erbium is the most crucial element for the internet of all the elements on the periodic table, and so I want to take you across to materials engineering where we can see a demonstration which will explain to you why it’s so important, and why without erbium many of you […]

Solid State Lasers – RPMC Leading Laser Distributor of Solid State Lasers

Are you looking for a Solid State Laser? RPMC Lasers has been supplying lasers for over 20 years and we are the leading laser distributor in North America. Our Solid State lasers and laser diodes from the leading laser manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, are proudly used in the Medical, Scientific, Industrial, and Military industries. […]

Welding: A Skill Required in Every Industry

>>Up next of ATE TV: A look under the hood at the career of a welding technician. [ music ] Take a look around and you’ll see that most of the physical world involves welding. It’s not just auto manufacturing and ship building. Welding is a highly technical field that involves lasers, robotics and computer […]