#36 SV Seeker Platter

welcome back to Austringer Creations I’m Greg. We’re going to try another platter I’m not sure what this wood is I got quite a bit of it from a guy who bought a shed and had no idea what it was, told me I could have it if I needed it but we’ll see what […]

Kamera vermisst Laserstrahl | Micro-Schweißen | Focal Spot Analyzer von Ophir | METAL WORKS TV

Laser Cut Lambretta Li 150 Letters (Monogram) How To Cut Letters on Laser Cutting Machine-YouTube

These are the lambretta li 150 monogram laser cut And this is the original one And this is the modified Which I gave a cut on laser machine

We talk about the quality, reliability and productivity of laser welding | English Subbed

Przemyslaw Kaminski has been active in the industrial world for over 20 years, at the beginning he worked as a production manager, Today he is a specialist in new technologies in the sheet metal processing industry. In the passenger seat – his guest – in an interesting conversation about the current trends in industry, innovative […]

BMP Metals | Custom Precision Metal Fabrication

BMP metals incorporated, a family-owned and operated custom precision sheet metal fabricator that has continued to deliver on a commitment of quality since 1984. With vast in-house capabilities built on meeting even the most specific requirements, our company is equipped to produce almost anything and everything made out of metal. Whether you require engineering and […]

Smallest Laser Welding Machine for K Gold and Jewelry Welding from Riselaser

Rise laser 60w spot welding machine Small size Welding 925 silver, touch screen integrated with CCD display Packaging of Rise laser welding machine Welcome to contact us for more details about this machine

Laser Sight – Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the third episode of my Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide. In this episode we’re covering the Laser Sight. Essentially just a visual representation of Steady Aim, in the original perk form the hipfire-tightening effect was first introduced in COD4. With Black Ops 2, we see the replacement of […]

DIY Overclocked Plasma Globe. 2500V to a MILLION volts

I recently got a deal on some plasma globes on eBay and while they are pretty neat I feel like with the right modifications they could be a lot cooler now I have a general rule that before I go tearing into stuff I like to at least try the original product. now what can […]

The Map of Physics

So physics is a huge subject that covers many different topics going from galaxies in the depths of space right down to subatomic particles. And if you don’t already know physics its difficult sometimes to see how all these different subjects are related to each other. So this is my attempt to show that in […]

Respect Your Welders – Under One Roof Series

The modern world is held together by welds. From cars to computers, from bridges to buildings, welding is everywhere. It is the preferred method for many assemblies requiring the metal or thermoplastic joints due to its versatility, speed, and the strength of the resulting joints. For this reason Dugan has invested heavily in developing an […]