We talk about the quality, reliability and productivity of laser welding | English Subbed

Przemyslaw Kaminski has been active in the industrial world for over 20 years, at the beginning he worked as a production manager, Today he is a specialist in new technologies in the sheet metal processing industry. In the passenger seat – his guest – in an interesting conversation about the current trends in industry, innovative […]

Respect Your Welders – Under One Roof Series

The modern world is held together by welds. From cars to computers, from bridges to buildings, welding is everywhere. It is the preferred method for many assemblies requiring the metal or thermoplastic joints due to its versatility, speed, and the strength of the resulting joints. For this reason Dugan has invested heavily in developing an […]

Laser Plastic Welding Technology at the Battery Show Novi, MI_2019

This is Jacob camp Lester technologies doing a demonstration today of our W SAT Turkey laser plastic welding system A spot-up dickhead 200 millimeter not focal lens is a diode laser, then it’s that Q ability Powers up to 200 watts What I can do right now is actually show you the part. So here’s […]

Digital Microscope Precision Weld Inspection

Hi, my name is Chris Killelea, I am an engineer at EB Industries. I am here to talk to you a little about our Keyence Digital Microscope, which allows us to inspect welds with amazing precision and clarity. This is a customer’s part that we’re analyzing right now it’s a laser weld between copper and […]

Lasers enable engineers to weld ceramics, no furnace required

Engineers at the University of California have developed a new ceramic welding technology that can help to achieve Smartphones that don’t scratch or shatter, Metal-free pacemakers, and Electronics for space and other harsh environments. Their new process uses an ultrafast pulsed laser to melt ceramic materials along the interface and fuse them together. It works […]

Electron welding & Laser welding EB Industries Overview

hi I’m John DeLalio from the EB industries we are a high-precision electron beam laser welding service provider that really we are a partner with you in the design and fabrication of your parts we have full engineering capabilities metallurgy know how machine shop and all equipment and house to develop your world we weld […]

Electron Beam Welding vs Laser Welding – Advantages and Disadvantages by EB Industries

hi I’m gonna point out some of the advantages and disadvantages of electron beam welding vs laser welding today you can make better decisions regarding which processes is right for your application. Both electron beam and laser welding methods utilizes a concentrated beam of energy that can be precisely controlled both energy and location thus […]

CNC Laser Welding

Marshall introduced laser welding into their Already full capability service set to gain even greater Accuracy and time savings for medical device OEM’s Laser welding offers precision welding of tubing and wires That are used in a wide range of medical components and surgical instrumentations A primary advantage of the laser welding process Is the […]