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Bring Productivity to the Table | Titan Call Testimonial Video

My name is Antonio Broccoli and I am the owner of Titan Call. I am Elisa Broccoli. I am the co-owner of the company, and I am responsible for production planning and sales office. We handle medium-heavy structural work, preparing sheet metal for semi-finished products for large companies. We decided to purchase this Thermal Dynamics […]

DIVERSITECH – Downdraft Table Demonstration – Welding, Grinding, Sanding, Dust & Fume Filtration

Diversitech dry downdraft tables offer a complete, hands-free solution for the capture of dust, smoke and fumes produced by actions such as welding, plasma cutting, sanding, grinding, deburring and blending. Watch how quickly the dust from this grinding process is removed from the worker’s airspace when using a Diversitech downdraft table. The distraction of welding […]

Tech Tips: Plasma Cutting Basics

Sometimes instead of welding metal together, you want to cut it apart and a great way to do that is with a plasma cutter and that’s what I want to talk about today. This is the Tomahawk 375 Air. the reason why they call it the 375 Air is because it has a built-in air […]