Remote Control Lighting for Homes : Electricity for Wireless Home Lighting

Michael Raines, Expert Village. Let’s see if we have any juice here. Take our trusty little test light, we’re going to turn the switch over. There’s two ways of putting wire into a switch. You can put it on these terminals or you can just stick it into the holes in the back. Not all […]

Making a Mechanical Steel Coat Rack that looks like it won’t work

What’s up everybody, I’m Tyler Bell. Today, I’m going to make a coat rack that looks like it shouldn’t work That kind of took awhile. So let’s try this So now that I’ve coped each end of the leg to match up with the column I’m going to cut the end of the… I keep […]

The Metal Halide Lamp (MH)

Here we have some Metal Halide HID Lamps-High Intensity Discharge which in it self is a family of lamps that produces light by passing current thru a gas like a florescent but at high intensity. The arc itself produces enough light to actually be useable as a light source so unlike the florescent they don’t […]

Levoit Salt Lamp ?Himalayan Aurora & Boho Chic Lamps Video Review

Welcome back to the channel Today I’ve got two beautiful salt lamps to look at They’re both made by Levoit, they both come in attractive gift boxes and they’re made from hand-carved rock salt Himalayan salts from Pakistan This first Levoit salt lamp is from the Boho Chic series and it has a rubber wood […]

Basic Electricity – Power and watts

Today I’m going to talk about watts and electrical power. In my previous video about voltage, I talked about how amperes is the number of coulombs flowing per second, and volts is the number of joules of energy transferred for each coulomb of charge that flows. I had an example set up where I had […]

How to Make a Modern LED Infinity Illusion Mirror

Hi guys, welcome to TECHYDIY. My name is Nigel and today I am going to build an infinity mirror with a modern style. The design works really well as a table lamp. It’s powered by a safe low-voltage power supply. It uses LED lights and best of all it looks great! So keep watching and […]