Should You Buy a Car with Surface Rust?

Whenever I read an ad for a car that mentioned surface rust I usually avoid it and this is why. In states that salt their roads the panels usually rust from the inside out. So, in this case I’m going to move the camera up so you can see this little bit of surface rust […]

Lap Welding Auto Body Sheet Metal – Made Easy

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about lap welding Autobody sheet metal and the one thing that I found made this job a lot easier for me through the years… and that is to use the lap as a guide to welding so when I put a spot weld on this lap I’m […]

Welding Patch Panels – Lap or Butt?

when it comes to rust repair and welding patch panels one question always arises and that is should I be butt welding should I cut a patch that fits that hole perfectly and butt weld that or should I cut a patch that comes close and lap weld it so the idea behind butt welding […]

Using JB Weld to Fix Rust Holes?

the first step in using jb weld as a solution to fixing a rust hole is to knock out all the old rust. Once you’ve knocked out the rust you can grind this area clean and wire wheel this or sandblast it – whatever you can do to get it cleaned up in there and […]