Grooving at California’s Most Retro Roller Rink

– [Dominic] It’s a rarity to go to a rollerskating rink and find live music there. – [Narrator] Most other roller rinks have gone digital. But head to Southern California, and you’ll find one of the last remaining rinks to employ a live organ player. (funky music) – My name is Dominic Cangelosi, and I […]

Making a Rail Anvil Stand

The rail gets traced here to establish a template The outline is cut using a bandsaw The template fits over the rail in both directions Strips of 1/2″ plywood are cut on the table saw Plywood squares are cut The template is used to trace the outline onto each square Holes are drilled to help […]

The Artist Bringing Vibrant Skeletons to Life

(dramatic music) – The reason why I chose a skull more than anything else is because underneath all our skin is a skull. It’s the universal image to everybody. (speaking Spanish) – My name is Butch Locsin, I am a contemporary performance artist here in Los Angeles. I wear a skull mask and I play […]

Giant Sculptures Decorate North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway

(peaceful instrumental music) – [Voiceover] The town of Regent is dying. I said, if someone doesn’t do something, this community will be a dead community. I have a paved road from interstate to Regent. Now what do I do to bring people down 30 miles? (peaceful instrumental music) Then it dawned on me, nobody is […]

This Cajun Restaurant Has a Year-Long Waiting List

(playful piano music) – [Woman] Deep in the bayou, on this street, down this road, in this windowless tin shack, is a restaurant run by one woman, whose dishes are so good, you have to wait a year to try them. – I’m Alzina Toups and I’ve been cooking Cajun food for at least over […]

Welding Junkyard Masterpieces With the Cowboy Sculptor

– A lot of people wonder why I’m living here ’cause I could live in L.A. or New York and be building sculptures there, but the minute I drive up to my little ranch here, I feel like I’m onto something that’s never been done before. (upbeat music) My name is John Lopez, and I’m […]

This California Prison Teaches Inmates to Dive Deep

(water splashing) – [Jeff] It’s unique, right? We’re not anywhere near the ocean. And yet we’re teaching inmates how to commercial dive, so that they can get out and get a good job and be productive members of society. – [Man] One, two, three, four. – [Jeff] It’s a hard thing to get your mind […]